Is FIFA 2021: Loot Boxes Considered Gambling Or Not?

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FIFA 2021: Loot boxes considered Gambling or not? That is a very good question and the answer to it really depends on how you look at the game. For example, some people will consider soccer games gambling because of the thrill of winning big cash prizes. On the other hand some will look at the game of football as a pure sport, one that does not deserve any type of rewards.

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In most ways the game of football is a pure game. There are no cards, tickets, points or rewards involved. In fact the only thing that a person can gain by playing the game is bragging rights. The box that you get in for your FIFA 2021 box is nothing more than the cardboard box that you would get in a Halloween pumpkin party. You are simply gaining entry into a competition and that is all.

However there are people who play the game with the hopes of winning big amounts of money and these people would consider the game to be gambling. If someone is trying to win the game for the pure enjoyment then the loot boxes may indeed be considered as gambling but not if you are looking for monetary gains. The game of football is simply a game that requires you to think and use your brain. What you should be looking for is enjoyment rather than a trip to the bank.

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